About Us

The Peace Commerce produces and sells apparel featuring designs created by Israeli and Palestinian artists. Our mission is to help those artists to spread the message of peace. When there is understanding, respect and prosperity,  peace is an inevitable consequence.

 How We Do This

Understanding is achieved through The Peace Commerce providing an outlet for Israeli and Palestinian artists to share their stories, through words and their art.  

Respect is listening to each others’ stories, and using them to start a conversation. We donate 10% of profits to the Parents Circle, an organisation consisting of Palestinian and Israeli parents that have lost family in the conflict. They visit young people in Israel and Palestinian Territory to share their moving experiences and inspire this new generation to #choosepeace.

Prosperity is created by giving a royalty to artists for every t-shirt that is sold with their design.

Peace and business both share something: they rely on hope to realise their aim. We our putting our hope into action to help make a difference, however large. From here, the ripple effect starts...